What do we do? Simply put – we manage the rights surrounding the songs our artists write, and help find great usages for those songs with companies who are in need of well crafted and engaging independent music. We can help your company find music that’ll work for you within your artistic and budgetary constraints.

Music Publishing: Ghostly Songs is a fully-fledged music publishing company offering worldwide collections on synchronization, mechanicals, and performance royalties via a diffuse but active network of representatives and sub-publishers. Alongside our partners in other territories we work to drive compositions towards opportunities for creative licensing (synchronization to Film, Advertising, Television, and Video Games), and to provide a network to funnel the royalties generated from active copyright to the right parties.

Administration: Utilizing flexible partnerships with our sub-publishers, we offer administration that can both include and exclude synchronization rights. Administration deals are generally term based, allowing Ghostly Songs to offer greater flexibility to songwriters in the worldwide activation and management of their copyright.

Representation for Synchronization: With nearly a decade of experience in the market, Ghostly Songs offers a selected list of clients (including labels and individual artists) representation to the multi-variate world of Film, Advertising, Television, and Video Game synchronization.Music Supervision, Creative Consultation, & Music Business Affairs: Alongside all we do surrounding royalty collection, Ghostly Songs has nearly a decade of experience with music creative and business affairs, and now offers those same services to firms (businesses, film producers, advertisers, and brands). We can handle finding music, taking care of only the licensing and approval process, or consulting on any creative aspect of your organization surrounding music, and its usages. Please contact us if you’re interested in speaking further with us about these opportunities. Clients include TED.com, “My Heart Is an Idiot,” and the Emmy-nominated film "MEDORA," among others.

Royalty Collection for Advertising Agencies and Brands: Advertising agencies purchase the entire work-for-hire rights of many compositions, and are not fully collection on all of the performance royalties that exist and are generated for the airplay of radio, web, and broadcast commercials. Via the international collection networks we have, we offer this service to Advertising Agencies and Brands. Please contact us if you’re interested in speaking further with us about this opportunity.


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