Advertising Placements

  • Ben Benjamin "CDNM Animation"
  • Ben Benjamin "Starbucks" [Starbucks] Youth Dreamers | GOOD Worldwide
  • Christopher Willits "Flower Into Stardust" [The North Face] FlashDry: On The Brink | Camp 4 Collective
  • Christopher Willits "Sun Body" [GE] The GE Show: The Power of The Sun | The Barbarian Group
  • Com Truise "Colorvision" [Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance] Treehouse | Young & Laramore
  • Dabrye "Get It Together" [Gucci] Gucci Men's Fall Winter 2007-2008 Fashion Show | Tenth House, Inc.
  • Dabrye "Hyped Up Plus Tax" [Motorola] Hello Moto: MotoRazr V3 Transformer | Ogilvy & Mather
  • Dabrye "No Child of God" [Kraft/Velveeta] Liquid Gold: That Helicopter Guy at the Mall | Wieden + Kennedy
  • Dabrye "The Lish" [Hummer] H3: City Sliders | Tenth House, Inc.
  • Deastro "The Shaded Forests" [Nike] Nylon+Nike: Kicks | Nylon Magazine
  • KILN "Airplaneshadows" [FIJI Water] Green | Little Ears
  • KILN "Fyrepond" [Lincoln] MKZ: Spring 2011 | Team Detroit
  • Lusine "By This Sound" [Nina Ricci] Fall 2013 Pre-Collection: Making Of
  • Lusine "Gravity" [Lacoste/GQ] Behind the Scenes on an Everglades Adventure | Henry Island Productions
  • Lusine "Two Dots" [WHIT] Fall 2012: Space
  • Lusine "Two Dots" [The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas] Explore: Inspired Experiences | IFC
  • Matthew Dear ""Little People (Black City)" [Louis Vuitton] Stephen Sprouse en Leopard | White Lodge"
  • Matthew Dear "Don & Sherri" [Hummer] H3: New Math | Tenth House, Inc.
  • Michna "Swiss Glide" [Bergdorf Goodman] June Magazine: Clear and Present
  • Midwest Product "Swamp" [Hummer] H3: Vertigo | Tenth House, Inc.
  • Mobius Band "Starts Off With A Bang" [New Balance] No Track | Tenth House, Inc.
  • Mux Mool "Wolf Tone Symphony" [Monsieur Lacenaire] Le Duel: Dance Improvisation #IV
  • Shigeto "So So Lovely" [Nike] Nike Chosen: PC3 Mafia | PC3 Skateboards
  • Shigeto "What We Held On To" [Go Pro] Sunny Garcia Surfs Vans Triple Crown | Woodman Labs, Inc.
  • Solvent "[Dior Homme] Miami Opening | Tender Night"
  • Tycho "Adrift (Shigeto's Adrift A Dream Remix)" [Dropbox] Hack Week Documentary
  • Tycho "Coastal Brake" [The Gates Note] The Big History Project | PBJS
  • Tycho "Hours" [Ralph Lauren] Rugby RL: Summer 2012 Collection
  • Tycho "Hours" [Delta] A Day In The Life of A Bag | Wieden + Kennedy
  • Tycho "The Daydream" [Whistler Blackcomb] The Wonder Reels: Episode 1 - Snow | Sherpas Cinema
  • Tycho "The Daydream" [Giro] Snow 2013: Baldface

Film Placements

  • Aeroc "Idiom" Tim Hussey: Running By Sight - A Visual Artist's Journey | Jewell & Ginnie
  • Cepia "Countrytime" The SOLD Project
  • Choir of Young Believers "Sharpen Your Knife" Kleine Lichter | University of Film and Television Konrad Wolf
  • Christopher Willits "Flowers Into Stardust" TED: Behind the Scenes | m ss ng p eces
  • Christopher Willits "Green Faces" Leopard | Ambient Content
  • Christopher Willits "Light Into The Branches" Tiger | Ambient Content
  • Christopher Willits "New Life" Play | Ambient Content
  • Christopher Willits "Plant Body" Happy Lines | Ambient Content
  • Christopher Willits "You Are Always Surrounded By Stars" Angel and the Badman | Ambient Content
  • Com Truise "Flightwave" We Will Know When We Are Home | Peacock Visuals
  • Com Truise "Sundriped" Sight|Sound | High Seas Films & DAMP Productions
  • Deastro "Child of Man, Son of God" Dino | Ambient Content
  • Deastro "Light Powered" Dancer | Ambient Content
  • Deastro "The Shaded Forests" Chronicle | 20th Century Fox
  • Gold Panda "Parents" Dino | Ambient Content
  • KILN "Ero" Alligator on the Zipper | Ivo Stainoff
  • Lusine "Locks" TED: Behind the Scenes | m ss ng p eces
  • Lusine "Twilight" Happy Lines | Ambient Content
  • Lusine "Two Dots (Pezzner Instrumental)" Canvas | Ambient Content
  • Matthew Dear "Deserter" Objectified | Swiss Dots, Ltd.
  • Matthew Dear "Dog Days" High Tech Soul | Plexifilm
  • Matthew Dear "Good to be Alive (Instrumental)" Dancer | Ambient Content
  • Michna "Bumper Cars" Angel and the Badman | Ambient Content
  • Michna "Triple Chrome Dipped" Dino | Ambient Content
  • Midwest Product "Clarity" Objectified | Swiss Dots, Ltd.
  • Midwest Product "Duckpond" Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour | 900 Films
  • Midwest Product "Duckpond" Tony Hawk Project 8 Presents Secret Skatepark Tour | 900 Films
  • Midwest Product "Ohfas" History of the MLS Cup | Transition Productions, Inc.
  • Midwest Product "Ohfas" Forgiven | Pulled Pictures
  • Mobius Band "Detach (Instrumental)" Play | Ambient Content
  • Mobius Band "I Just Turned 18 (Instrumental)" The Forest | Ambient Content
  • Mux Mool "1st and 4th" Angel and the Badman | Ambient Content
  • Mux Mool "Air Justins" Bones Brigade: An Autobiography | Nonfiction Unlimited
  • Mux Mool "Valley Girls" The Forest | Ambient Content
  • Telefon Tel Aviv "I Made A Tree on the Wold" Objectified | Swiss Dots, Ltd.
  • Tycho "Cloud Generator" Leopard | Ambient Content
  • Tycho "Coastal Brake (Manual Remix)" Angel and the Badman | Ambient Content
  • Tycho "Past is Prologue" The Forest | Ambient Content
  • Tycho "Send and Receive" & "Cloud Generator" & "Dictaphone's Lament" Moving On Documentary | Light Gives Heat

Television Placements

  • Cepia "Braille Wounds" [Showtime] This American Life: Season 2
  • Choir of Young Believers "Action/Reaction" [The CW] 90210: Season 2 Episode 17 | Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees
  • Choir of Young Believers "Hollow Talk" [CBS] NUMB3RS: Season 6 Episode 1 | Hangman
  • Choir of Young Believers "Hollow Talk" [MTV] Chelsea Settles: Season 1, Episode 8 | The Retreat
  • Choir of Young Believers "Hollow Talk" [CBS] Melrose Place: Season 1 Episode 1 | Pilot
  • Choir of Young Believers "Hollow Talk" [The CW] One Tree Hill: Season 7 Episode 3 | Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered
  • Choir of Young Believers "Next Summer" [TV3] The Jaquie Brown Diaries: Season 2, Episode 7 | Brownward Spiral
  • Choir of Young Believers "Patricia's Thirst" [RIDES.TV] Dirty Work | Fourth Wall Studios
  • Chris Bathgate "Time" [NBC] Chase: Season 1, Episode 17 | The Man At The Altar
  • Christopher Willits "Intend-Evolve" [E4] Skins: Season 6, Episode 7 | Alo
  • Com Truise "Cathode Girls" [RIDES.TV] Dirty Work | Fourth Wall Studios
  • Geoff White "Ince" [CBS] CSI: Miami - Season 7 Episode 19 | Food For Thought
  • Kate Simko "Dulce" & "She Said" [Current TV] Ghosts of Techno
  • Kill Memory Crash "American Automatic" [FOX] Fringe
  • Kill Memory Crash "Get Out" [CBS] CSI: Miami
  • Lusine "Auto Pilot" [CBS] CSI: Miami
  • Lusine "Everything Under The Sun" [MTV] Dancelife: Season 1, Episode 3 | New York Minute
  • Lusine "Still Frame" [Showtime] This American Life: Season 1, Episode 2 | My Way
  • Matthew Dear "Little People (Black City)" [HBO] How To Make It In America: Season 2, Episode 5 | Mofongo
  • Matthew Dear "Send You Back" [The CW] Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 1 | Pilot
  • Matthew Dear "Shy" [NBC] Chuck: Season 1 Episode 4 | Chuck Versus the Wookiee
  • Midwest Product "Ohfas" [CBS] CSI: NY - Season 2, Episode 10 | Jamalot
  • Midwest Product "Ohfas" [MTV] Ultimate Parkour Challenge
  • Mux Mool "Raw Gore" [MTV] Teen Wolf: Season 2, Episode 8 | Raving
  • Osborne "Outta Sight" & "Suffer" [Current TV] Ghosts of Techno
  • Pale Sketcher "Can I Go Now (Gone Version)" [E4] Skins: Season 6, Episode 5 | Mini
  • School of Seven Bells "Prince of Peace" [CBS] CSI: NY - Season 5 Episode 14 | She's Not There
  • School of Seven Bells "The Wait" [ABC] Grey's Anatomy: Season 7, Episode 2 | Shock To The System

Video Game Placements

  • Com Truise "Slow Peels" [iOS, Android] Radballs | Alinear Studio
  • Kill Memory Crash "Crash V8" [Xbox 360] Forza Motorsport 2 | Microsoft Game Studios
  • Kill Memory Crash "Hell On Wheels" [Xbox 360, PlayStation 3] Grand Theft Auto IV | Rockstar Games
  • Kill Memory Crash "Hit + Run" & "Shots" [Xbox 360, PlayStation 3] Midnight Club: Los Angeles | Rockstar Games
  • Legowelt "Disco Rout" [Xbox, PlayStation 2] ESPN NFL 2K5 | Visual Concepts
  • Matthew Dear "Don & Sherri" [Xbox 360, PlayStation 3] Saints Row II | THQ Inc.
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